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Outcome-Based Options

Career Soul Searching: Career Exploration | Exercises | Deep Work
  • We ask the big questions. Does work drain or fulfill you? Have you been told (or tell yourself) that it's impossible to be satisfied doing work? Deriving joy and pleasure from our work is not impossible.

  • We engage in joy exercises. What gives you joy? How does that feel to you?

  • We move into alignment and values work. How do you engage your interests, passions, and apply them to what the working world needs?

Resume & Cover Letter Editing
  • We start with reviewing your resume to ensure it is aligned with the industry and roles you are applying to

  • We optimize the flow, content, and story so that your resume is a delight to the eyes 

  • We create different high-quality versions of your resume to optimize your time and energy

Network Mapping   
  • We audit the strength of your network and find simple ways to enhance your network

  • We intentionally deepen and scale your network to ensure you stand out in your field

  • We create systems to thoughtfully and authentically engage with your network

Interview Skills
  • We identify your strengths and areas for growth in the interview process

  • We create interview scripts, prompts, and engaging questions for you to access

  • We engage in mock-interviews for you to practice, practice, practice (and nail it!)

LinkedIn Support
  • We audit your LinkedIn strategy as well as your social media professional look and feel 

  • We expand your network through deliberate engagement on LinkedIn

  • We create a dynamic plan for you to leverage and grow your network throughout your career

This is just a sample of my work. To see more, please get in touch!
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