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Outcome-Based Options

Career Soul Searching
Career Exploration | Exercises | Deep Work
  • Does work drain or fulfill you? Have you been told (or tell yourself) that it's impossible to be satisfied doing work? Deriving joy and pleasure from our work is not impossible.

  • We start with some joy exercises. What gives you joy? How does that feel to you?

  • We then move into alignment and values work. How do you engage your interests, passions, and apply them to what the working world needs?

Resume & Cover Letter Editing
Resume | Cover Letter | Interview
  • To get a “full picture”, I will review your job description, cover letter, resume and additional references (LinkedIn, reference letters, etc.) in one sitting.

  • I provide feedback and development areas via email (likely in bulleted, easy to read and implement format). I will then review feedback over phone or email.

  • You work on the next draft, incorporate edits (if you agree with the feedback), and then you re-submit the material to me.

  • We will generally go through about three or four versions together until it is “resume ready” and you can send it over to your dream employer.

Linkedin Support
Linked In
  • You share with me how you would like to improve or elevate your LinkedIn profile (ie: create more connections, refine your profile’s “look and feel” or you showcase work and projects on your LinkedIn profile).

  • With your goals in mind, I will evaluate your LinkedIn profile and provide feedback both in written form and over the phone.

  • We create a work plan for you to update your LinkedIn profile and I will work with you through several versions to get your LinkedIn profile “where you want it to be.”

  • If appropriate, we discuss additional ideas and ways for you to leverage the work and time we’ve put in to your LinkedIn profile (ie: adding it to a business card, sharing the new profile with your network, synergies between your job search and LinkedIn.)

Interview & Networking Support
Interviewing |Networking Support
  • I will email a list of prepared questions to you in advance for you to start working on as it relates to interviewing and networking.

  • I will conduct a “mock interview” over the phone using the questions I emailed, as well as additional ones.

  • After the phone interview, I will provide feedback both verbally and in writing.

  • We can then schedule a second phone interview and/or an in-person interview, depending on your calendar, timing, etc.

This is just a sample of my work. To see more, please get in touch!
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