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When it came to my future I was confused and stuck on how to move forward and grow. Rachel helped me out of that space and she showed me the first steps down the path I desired and really helped me take the chances in the careers that I wanted to approach. Now I am heading into an illustration program with Netflix and thanks to Rachel’s teachings and support I am more confident about my future than ever!


Lucas C.

Rachel has consistently made herself available in large and small ways over the years. She has tirelessly assisted my children in navigating career changes, fine tuning resumes and helping them to get unstuck in places where decisions about continuing education needed to be made. For myself, Rachel has recently worked with me to create systems that will help me grow my businesses. She is patient and knowledgeable. Her suggestions are grounded in her expertise but delivered with enthusiasm void of arrogance and assumptions. You walk away from working with her feeling like you have the tools to move forward in ways where you feel supported. That is one of her many gifts. Our family will continue to rely on her for her impeccable service. I cannot recommend her enough.

Holly C.

When I decided to do career coaching, I knew that nobody other than Rachel would be best suited to guide me in this process. She has successfully navigated different career paths and that was inspiring to me. Rachel is highly empathic, sharp and most importantly supportive. Each session allows me to dig deep and lay out my worries in a judgment-free atmosphere. Within a month, I started getting the intended results and I am very happy that I took the leap. I strongly suggest others to take that route.

Louide X.

I highly recommend Rachel as a career coach! When faced with exciting career options and needing to make a quick decision, Rachel's guidance was invaluable. Despite my last-minute request, she made time for me and provided insightful advice. Rachel's diverse career background resonated with mine, and she skillfully helped me evaluate my options, considering both practicalities and personal aspirations. She not only helped me feel confident in my decision but also provided strategies for maintaining relationships with the organization I turned down. This personalized approach made a significant impact on my career journey. Working with Rachel was my first experience with a career coach, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance in making confident career decisions.  



Rachel is a terrific Career Coach. During our time working together, I was consistently impressed by her insightful guidance and unwavering commitment to helping me. Her ability to ask thought-provoking questions and provide valuable perspectives allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of my strengths and expand my thinking.

One of Rachel's standout qualities is her affability. Her easy going and approachable nature helps create an environment where open and meaningful discussions can thrive. This not only made our coaching sessions productive but also enjoyable.

I also appreciated the "homework" projects and other tools that Rachel assigned and found them not only thought-provoking but practically applicable. Each assignment was tailored to my needs, helping me to explore new avenues and push my thinking. I also valued her commitment to holding me accountable to timelines and deliverables.

In sum, Rachel is an outstanding Career Coach who possesses the rare combination of insightful wisdom, approachability, and a genuine dedication to her clients' success. I am grateful for the time I worked with her and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance in their career journey.


Ted H.

Before working with Rachel, I had difficulty navigating my job search as I pivoted careers and struggled with networking. Rachel showed me how my hybrid background is a strength and she taught me how to embrace my range. In each meeting, Rachel helped me create a game plan for the upcoming weeks, so I never felt stuck on what to do next. With Rachel’s guidance and support, I became much more confident in my search and comfortable reaching out to my network.

Megan B.

Capture (2) (1).JPG

I feel very inspired working closely with Rachel as my career coach. Since I knew Rachel as my former internship supervisor for years, she has been supportive of my career passion and knowledgeable about industry trends. During our sessions, we discuss my career goals by practicing SMART goals framework and establishing 3-month, long-term action plans. Rachel also proactively collaborates on achievable objectives with clear guidance so I can gain more confidence step by step. With her constructive feedback, we successfully upgraded my elevator pitches for networking events and navigated growth marketing opportunities to further advance my career.

Windy W.

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