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I'm figuring it all out. Just like you. Let's do it together!

I've straddled multiple titles, responsibilities, and networks. I started my career in education, got a Masters in Education and burnt out on classroom management.

I reinvented myself.

I left the classroom and worked in non-profits. I loved the people aspect, but wanted to make more money so went and got an MBA. I worked at marketing agencies and helped startups launch and grow. I felt like I was starting to sell out and lost my sense of what mattered.

I reinvented myself.

I did deep work in therapy, hired a career coach, and a financial planner. My dream to work deeply with people kept calling me and I refused to listen. Finally, I took the plunge.

I left my full-time job and am now training to become a therapist.

Yes—it's my third master's degree.

Yes—I've succeeded in almost every role, but so many felt empty to me.

Yes—I took a big risk and want to inspire others to live more deeply, listen to their own voices, and create strategic moves to own the story of their lives.

I'd love to work with you on career coaching, job searching, and overall wellness as I complete my training in the mental health field.

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